About National Dairy Shrine

Broad based support for the dairy industry

National Dairy Shrine brings together dairy producers, scientists, students, educators, technical consultants, marketers and others who share a desire to preserve our dairy heritage and keep the dairy industry strong. Founded in 1949 by a small group of visionary dairy leaders, National Dairy Shrine now has nearly 20,000 lifetime members that encompass virtually every facet of the dairy industry.

National Dairy Shrine missions

  1. To Honor Past and Present Leaders of the Dairy Industry in the National Dairy Hall of Fame
  2. To Inspire Future Dairy Leaders with scholarships & educational encouragements
  3. To Record Significant Dairy Events and Achievements at a Dairy Museum that provides education, historical preservation and an enjoyable visitor experience
  4. To Highlight the Dairy Industry's Positive Contributions to Society.

National Dairy Shrine Museum Mission Statement

The Mission of the National Dairy Shrine Museum shall be to:

  1. Produce an enjoyable and memorable experience for visitors of all ages and walks of life.
  2. Publicly and permanently recognize dairy industry leaders who have been honored by National Dairy Shrine.
  3. Provide a high quality environment to display National Dairy Shrine's collection of dairy artifacts and memorabilia.
  4. Actively acquire dairy artifacts or other items of significant value to the history of the dairy industry. (ie. Dairy production equipment, scientific dairy artifacts, dairy show memorabilia, dairy breed artifacts and dairy industry memorabilia)
  5. Educate the general public on the dairy industry of the past, present and future. To promote the benefits of the dairy industry.
  6. Work cooperatively with the Fort Atkinson Historical Society, the Hoard's Museum staff, and the city of Fort Atkinson to continue a mutually beneficial relationship for the Museum complex.