Eugene Meyer — Arthur Nesbitt 4-E Award

The Meyer — Nesbitt 4-E award was established to periodically honor people who have made special contributions over a long time to National Dairy Shrine. This award is named in honor of two tireless workers for the National Dairy Shrine, Eugene Meyer and Arthur Nesbitt. This award exemplifies the Extra Energy, Effort, and Enthusiasm these individuals had for the National Dairy Shrine. 4-E award honorees will be recognized in a special display at the National Dairy Shrine Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Miles McCarry 1995,

Deltona, Florida

First recipient of 4E Award. Strong supporter of NDS, having recruited hundreds of new members. Served as NDS Secretary from 1975 – 1980. Coordinated and conducted dozens of interviews for the NDS video history library.

James Leuenberger 1997,

Shawano, Wisconsin

Served as National Dairy Shrine Secretary-Treasurer for 14 years.

Al Haukom 1998,

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Instrumental in establishing the NDS Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Served many years as the coordinator for the volunteer museum hosts.

James Baird 2000,

Hoards Dairyman, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

NDS Museum curator, historian, painter, illustrator, designer, photograper.

Merle Howard 2000,

Watertown, Wisconsin

Served on the first NDS Board of Directors. Fifty years later served as co-chair of the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Longtime NDS volunteer

Bob Wulfkuhle 2003,

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

NDS Museum volunteer responsible for maintaining and updating exhibits.

David Selner 2007,

Denmark, Wisconsin

Co-Chair of 50th Anniversary Celebration. Long time NDS volunteer. Conducted numerous interviews for video history library and organized their viewing display at Museum.

Bernie Heisner 2009,

COBA, Columbus, Ohio

A tireless volunteer for numerous activities and functions. Very instrumental in soliciting donations. Chaired the finance committee for many years and was a key manager of investment funds.

Richard Denier 2012,

Carmel, California

A tremendous advocate for National Dairy Shrine and a excellent organizer and fund raiser. Always a big supporter of the mission of National Dairy Shrine.

Tommy Martin 2014,

Winter Haven, Florida

A tireless recruiter for new NDS memberships. A long time volunteer for many NDS activities.

Judy Iager 2016,

Fulton, Maryland

A long time volunteer for all National Dairy Shrine activities. Helped with scholarship selections, fund raising and served on numerous committees for years.

Roger & Peggy Borgwardt 2020,

Valders, Wisconsin

Long Time volunteers and organizers of the Annual NDS Awards Banquet.

Rick & Peg Daluge 2020,

Madison, Wisconsin

Long Time volunteers and organizers of the Annual NDS Awards Banquet.