Each year, three or four living or deceased "pioneers" of the dairy industry are honored by the National Dairy Shrine. Pictures and biographies of these persons who have given so much to our industry are preserved at the National Dairy Shrine Museum and National Dairy Hall of Fame in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Pioneers are listed in Alphabetical Order:

ADAMS, Junius G. (1884-1961), North Carolina
Jersey Breeder; President of Biltmore Farms

AITKEN, D.D. (1854-1930), Michigan
Holstein Breeder; Founder, National Dairy Council.

AKINS, Zane V. (1940 -     ) Florida,
Past Executive Secretary of Holstein Association USA

ALBRECTSEN, Raymond (1904-1976), New York
Extension Dairyman at Cornell University.

ALBRIGHT, Jack L. (1930-2014) Indianna
Educator & researcher at Purdue University

ALFRED, Allen C. (1900-1963), Vermont
Brown Swiss Breeder; Assoc. Pres. 1954-56.

ALLEN, Nathaniel N. (1901-1959), Wisconsin
Professor of Dairying-U.W.; Farmers' Nutritionist.

ALLYN, Joseph Pratt (1883-1976), Wisconsin
Established Allynhurst Farm-Brown Swiss.

ALMQUIST, John O. (1921-2015), Pennsylvania
Teacher and researcher in reproductive physiology.

AMES, F. Lothrop (1876-1921), Massachusetts
Guernsey Breeder; Founded Langwater Farm.

ANTHONY, Ernest Lee (1888-1966), Michigan
Dairy Educator and Administrator.

APPLEMAN, Robert D. (1931-1991), Minnesota
Extension Educator and Researcher

AREY, John Allen (1887-1985), North Carolina
Pioneered development of dairy farming in North Carolina.

ARMSBY, Henry P. (1853-1921), Pennsylvania
Professor of Nutrition; Large-Animal Calorimetry.

ARNOLD, Floyd (1902-1994), Iowa
Extensionist. Secretary of Iowa Holstein Association.
Started Iowa State Dairy Science Club.

ASTROTH, Frank B. (1893-1956), Minnesota
Jersey Breeder and AJCC Leader.

ATKESON, F.W. (1893-1958), Kansas
Professor of Dairying; Respected Teacher-Kansas State University

BABCOCK, Stephen M. (1843-1931), Wisconsin
Professor Agriculture Chemistry-University of Wisconsin; Babcock Test.

BACKUS, Horace A. (1927 -     ), New York
Holstein Breeder, Author, Pedigree & Sales Expert

BACKUS, R. Austin (1896-1964), New York
Holstein Merchandiser and Breeder.

BAER, Arthur (1885-1929), Oklahoma
World Authority on Ice Cream.

BAIRD, James S. (1929-2016), Wisconsin
Hoard's Dairyman Art Director & NDS Museum Developer.

BAKEWELL, Robert (1725-1795), England
Founded world's first breed registry organization; developed breeding practice of intensifying genetic merit in purebreds.

BANG, Bernard (1848-1932), Denmark
Discovered Bang's Disease and Undulant Fever.

BARCLAY, Daniel W. (1872-1944), Washington
Guernsey Breeder; Founded Chuckanut Farms.

BARNES, Michael A. (1942-    ), Virginia
Professor, Mentor and Dairy Judging Team Coach Virginia Tech

BARNEY, W.B. (1852-1933), Iowa
Holstein Breeder; National Dairy Show promoter.

BARNUM, Harold J. (1902 - 1981), Wisconsin
Dairy Sanitation leader and innovator

BARRETT, George R. (1913-1965), Wisconsin
Professor of Dairying-U.W.; Dir. of Prog. Dev., HFAA.

BEANE, Craig (1922-2008), Wisconsin
Wisconsin Dairy Leader and First President of National DHIA

BENNETCH, Paul B. (1885-1963), New Jersey
Brown Swiss Breeder; Association President, 1948-52.

BEROUSEK, Ernest (1918-2010), Oklahoma
Guernsey Enthusiast, Outstanding Judge of Dairy Cattle

BICKERT, William G. (1937-2017), Michigan
Dairy Engineering Professor at Michigan State

BLOCK, Alton (1920-2010), Wisconsin
A.I. Industry leader, Dairy Management Consultant.

BOESE, Robert F. (1917-1989), Illinois
A.I. pioneer in semen preservation and distribution.

BORCHERDING, James R. (1928-2014), Iowa
Dairy Journalist and Editor for Successful Farming.

(1801-1874), Texas
Invented condensed foods; evaporated milk.

BORLAND, Andrew A. (1878-1958), Pennsylvania
Professor of Dairying-Penn State.

BOYKE, Clarence E. (1927-1997), Wisconsin
Owner of Vir-Clar Holsteins, A.I. leader.

BOYNTON, Hilton (1912-1998), New Hampshire
Educator, administrator, respected judge.

BRANDT, John (1885-1953), Minnesota
Organizer of Land-O-Lakes Creameries.

BRINGE, Allan N. (1935 - 2018), Wisconsin
Dairy Extension Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison

BULL, Duncan O. (1878-1950), Canada
Jersey Importer and Breeder; Brampton Jerseys.

BURKET, David (1932-    ), Pennsylvania,
Polled Holstein and Red & White Breeder

BUTCHER, Kenneth R. (1941-    ), North Carolina
North Carolina State Educator and Developer of DRMS

CAIRNS, Gordon M. (1911-1992), Maryland
Teacher, administrator, dairy cattle judge.

CALDWELL, William H. (1866-1947), New Hampshire
Secretary-American Guernsey Cattle Club.

CAMPBELL, Lew (1915-1983), Pennsylvania
Developer of AI cooperatives.

CANNON, Clawson Y. (1885-1977), Utah
Professor of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, BYU and Iowa State.

CARR, Robin (1887-1961), Michigan
Holstein Breeder; Founded the Rainbow Herd.

CHERRY, Walter L. (1874-1946), Iowa
Founded Cherry-Burrell Dairy Equipment Company.

CHISHOLM, Hugh J. (1886-1959), New York
Ayrshire Breeder; Owned Strathglass Farm.

CLAMPITT, Harry (1916-1983), Iowa
Milking Shorthorn Executive Secretary; Breeder.

CLAPP, G. Howard (1896-1948), Wisconsin
Herdsman and Holstein Breeder; Pabst Farms.

CLARK, Ernest M. (1890-1951), Vermont
Director of Extension-Holstein Association.

CLARK, John S. (1891-1973), New York
Dairy Cattle Judge; organizer of PDCA.

CLAY, John S. (1954-    ), North Carolina
DHIA Leader & Innovator and Manager Dairy Records Management Systems

CLONINGER, Dr. Wm. Homer (1909-1970), Missouri
Dairy Science Professor; Extension Specialist.

COIT, Henry L. (1854-1917), New Jersey
Father of Certified Milk.

CONKLIN, Clifford T. (1890-1956), Vermont
Secretary-Ayrshire Breeders' Association.

COOPER, T.S. (1849-1928), Pennsylvania
Dean of Jersey Importers.

COPELAND, Lynn (1898-1967), Tennessee
Extension Dairyman-University of Tennessee.

CRAIG, Albert (1891-1976), Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Holstein breeder. Great supporter of youth programs.

CREWS, Guy M. (1920-1999), Ohio
Instrumental in equitable pricing of milk to the producer; AJCA

CROWLEY, James W. (1921-1989), Wisconsin
Animal nutritionist; developed Wisconsin's quality forage program.

DARLING, Elmer A. (1848-1931), Vermont
Jersey Breeder; AJCC President, 1894-1915.

DAWDY, Max (1918-1997), New Hampshire
Judging coach; Secretary of American Guernsey Association; National Dairy Shrine president.

DELAVAL, Carl Gustav P. (1845-1913), Sweden
"Edison" of Dairying-Centrifugal Separator.

DEUBLER, Ernest C. (1889-1964), Pennsylvania
Ayrshire Breeder; Mgr., Penshurst and Neshaminy.

DICKINSON, Frank N. (1930-2018), Ohio
Renowned dairy researcher, educator and leader; USDA/ARS/AIPL and NDHIA

DICKSON, David P. (1939-2010), Wisconsin
UW-Madison Judging Coach, International Dairy Judge and Outstanding Teacher

DIETRICK, Mathias 'Mat' (1915-2010), Wisconsin
Shaped the modern AI industry; strong leader; ABS

DODGE, James E. (1873-1934), New York
Livestock Breeder; Manager, Hood and Emmadine.

DRAKE, Max (1910- 2001), Ohio
Helped found and was first President of NAAB.
General Manager, Noba, 1943-1977.

DuPUIS, John G. (1875-1955), Florida
Pioneer of dairying in southern Florida. Promoted the importance of milk quality.
Started White Belt Dairy.

ECKLES, Clarence H. (1875-1933), Minnesota
Professor of Dairying-University of Minnesota.

ERICKSON, John (1868-1935), Wisconsin
A great builder of the Holstein breed.

ERNSTROM, C.A. "Tony" (1922-1998), Utah
Researcher; educator; industry service

ETGEN, William M. (1929-1992), Virginia
Outstanding teacher, dedicated totally to student learning; author.

EUSTICE, Ronald F. (1945 -     ), Minnesota
Red & White Breeder and International consultant

EUSTIS, Francis W. (1914-1997), Ohio
Renowned artist & developer of breed true type model cows.

EWING, Morris B. (1926-2013), Arizona
Premier sire analyst for Curtiss and ABS.

FAIRCHILD, J.A. "Jack" (1908-1981), Pennsylvania
Holstein breeder and classifier; helped introduce descriptive coding.

FITCH, James B. (1888-1962), Minnesota
Professor of Dairying-University of Minnesota.

FITZPATRICK, W.W. (1890-1962), North Carolina
Guernsey Breeder; Quail Roost Farm Manager.

FOOTE, Robert (1922-2008), New York
Professor of Dairying-Cornell University.

FOSTER, O. F. (1892-1973), Michigan
Developed Lakefield line of Holstein Cattle.

FRASER, J.M. "Jack" (1904-1979), Ontario
Started Spring Farm; prominent judge and Holstein breeder.

FRASER, Jack (1893-1960), Canada
Guernsey Breeder and Breed Association Leader.

FRASER, Wilber J. (1869-1945), Illinois
Professor of Dairying; Founded American Dairy Science Association

FRENCH, Lewis C. (1893-1960), Wisconsin
Agricultural Journalist-Milwaukee Journal.

FUSSELL, Jacob (1819-1912), Maryland
Pioneer of Ice Cream Industry.

GAINES, Walter Lee (1881-1950), Illinois
Professor of Dairying-University of Illinois.

GALUSHA, Arthur G. (1875-1953), Massachusetts
Developed Green Meadow and Coronation Bloodlines.

GEARHART, Charles. R. (1893-1967), Pennsylvania
Promoted and developed National DHIA Program.

GEIGER, Randall A. (1950 - 2019), Wisconsin
Dairyman and Dairy Cooperative Leader

GIBSON, David (1924-2013), Vermont
Ayrshire Breeders Association Secretary, Breed Assn. Innovator.

GILL, E.T. (1861-1941), New Jersey
Guernsey Breeder; long-time AGCC leader.

GILLETT, Wilson Judd (1864-1921), Wisconsin
Original organizer of Wisconsin Holstein Association.

GLOVER, Arthur J. (1873-1949), Wisconsin
Editor of Hoard's Dairyman; Holstein Breeder.

GOOD, Hugh D. (1902-1981), California
Holstein breeder; leader in dairy product education and promotion.

GORDON, G. Eddy (1892-1959), California
Extension Dairyman; California Agricultural Leader.

GOW, Robert M. (1856-1937), New York
Secretary and Historian of AJCC.

GRAF, Truman (1922-2017), Wisconsin
Agricultural Economics Professor at UW-Madison

GRAHAM, Christopher (1856-1952), Minnesota
Holstein Breeder; Co-founder of Mayo Clinic.

GRAVES, Charles T. (1862-1932), Missouri
Jersey Breeder; AJCC Director.

GRAY, Chester E. (1881-1944), California
Discovered powdered milk process.

GREEN, Merle H. (1904-1989), Michigan
Developed Green Meadow Farm.

GREENE, Samuel H. (1870-1956), California
Dairy Industry Leader-California. Dairy Council.

GREENOUGH, Ernest E. (1884-1972), California
Jersey Breeder; Sunshine Jersey Farm.

GUTHRIE, Edward Sewall (1880-1964), New York
Food Scientist & Butter researcher at Cornell University.

HAECKER, Theophilus L. (1846-1931), Minnesota
Professor of Dairying-University of Minnesota.

HALL, Gordon (1885-1968), New Jersey
Livestock importer; Guernsey enthusiast.

HANSEL, William (1918-2017), Louisiana
Leading reproductive researcher at Cornell and Louisiana State University

HANSEN, Axel (1887-1964), Minnesota
Holstein Breeder; Agriculture Director, Femco Farms.

HANSEN, Elmer N. (1898-1985), California
Educator; Guernsey Classifier.

HARDY, W.J. (1892-1955), Missouri
American Milking Shorthorn Society Secretary.

HARMON, Guy E. (1888-1951), Maryland
Noted Guernsey Breeder and Judge.

HARRIS, George G. (1934 - 2012), Connecticut,
Brown Swiss CEO and Breeder

HARRISON, Edwin S. "E.S." (1899-1973), New York
Professor at Cornell; wrote "Judging Dairy Cattle."

HART, Edwin B. (1874-1953), Wisconsin
Professor of Agricultural Chemistry-Univeristy of Wisconsin

HASKELL, H.G. (1870-1951), Pennsylvania
Guernsey Breeder; Founded Hill Girt Farm.

HEEP, Herman F. (1899-1960), Texas
Jersey Breeder; AJCC President, 1946-48.

HEFFERING, R. Peter (1931-2012), Canada
Master Breeder & Merchandiser at Hanover Hill Farms

HEILMAN, Robert D. (1935 -     ), Virginia
International Holstein Genetic Market Developer

HENDERSON, C.R. (1911-1989), New York
Developed genetic sire evaluation procedures; pioneered sire sampling programs.

HENRY, Carl W. (1882-1955), Colorado
Holstein breeder and agricultural leader.

HENRY, William Arnon (1850-1932), Wisconsin
Professor and First Dean,University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture.

HETTS, Allen C. (1921-1973), Wisconsin
Owned and operated Crescent Beauty Holstein Farm.

HETTS, John (1879-1958), Wisconsin
Holstein Breeder-Crescent Beauty Holsteins.

HIGLEY, Philip (1903-2007), Wisconsin
Pioneer in A.I Industry at ABS

HOARD, William D. (1836-1918), Wisconsin
Hoard's Dairyman founder; Governor of Wisconsin.

HOPE, Joseph I. (1857-1945), New Jersey
Guernsey Importer and Breeder.

HOPKINS, Frank (1894-1970), California
Holstein Breeder; Leader in Cal. Milk Producer's Fed.

HORR, C.W. (1837-1934), Ohio
Early holstein breeder; HFAA President, 1892-1893.

HOUGHTON, Charles (1821-1891), Vermont
First Holstein Breed Association Secretary.

HOUGHTON, Frederick L. (1859-1927), Vermont
Second Secretary, HFAA, 1894-1927.

HOUSEHOLDER, Glen M. (1890-1966), Wisconsin
Wisconsin Institutional Farms' Director; HFAA Ext. Director.

HOWARD, Merle (1918-2004) Wisconsin
Classifier, Breeder, Merchandiser and Youth Mentor

HOWIE, Adda-Florette
(1852-1936), Wisconsin
Pioneer in sanitation and gentle treatment of cattle.

HOXIE, Solomon (1829-1917), New York
Holstein importer; Pioneered official testing.

HULL, Lewis E. (1872-1945), Ohio
Brown Swiss Breeder; Founded Lake View Herd.

HULL, Vernon C. (1909-1993), New Jersey
First Brown Swiss breeder to receive Klussendorf Trophy; President of Brown Swiss Association.

HUMPHREY, George C. (1875-1947), Wisconsin
Professor of Dairying-University of Wisconsin.

HUNSBERGER, Lyle E. (1913-1972), Michigan
Guernsey Breeder; Managed Lyrene Farm.

HUNZIKER, Otto F. (1873-1959), Indiana
Professor-Purdue; Dairy Processing Consultant.

HUSTON, C. Russell "Hap" (1901-1988), Ohio
Guernsey Breeder; A.I. promoter.

INMAN, Ira (1868-1954), Wisconsin
Brown Swiss Breeder and Association Secretary.

JAMES, William David "W.D." (1881-1948), Wisconsin
Dairy equipment inventor and manufacturer.

JARNAGIN, Milton P. (1881-1956), Tennessee
Professor of Animal Husbandry-University of Tennessee

JENSEN, Aage (1873-1936), California
Developed Continuous Pasteurizer.

JOHNSTON, Floyd (1899-1956), Ohio
AJCC Secretary, 1947-1956.

KAESER, Harold (1910-2003), Ohio
Successful judging team coach and judge.

KEENE, Maurice R. (1929 -     ), Maine
Holstein Assoc President & developer of Raymau Herd

KEENE, Richard (1935-2014), New York
Respected Holstein Breeder, Dairy Judge and Industry Leader

KEENEY, Mark (1894-1949), New Jersey
Holstein Breeder, Essex Couty Institutional Herd.

KEHRMEYER, Earl O. (1928 -     ), Wisconsin
International Genetic Marketing Leader & Innovator

KELLOGG, Orris U. (1848-1935), New York
Holstein Breeder; HFAA President, 1906-1909.

KELLOGG, Richard H. (1912-2006), Ohio
Manager of Central Ohio Breeding Association.

KELLY, Charles (1899-1987), Wisconsin
Leader in Jersey breed.

KENAN, William R., Jr. (1872-1965), New York
Jersey Breeder-Randleigh Farm; Inventor.

KENDRICK, J. F. (1904-1973), Maryland
Head, National DHIA Program.

KINGSTON, Delbert H (1901-1986), Illinois
Managed Curtiss Company farms

KJOME, David (1936 -     ), Minnesota
Minnesota Extension Agent, Dairy Mentor & Guernsey Enthusiast

KNIGGE, Charles "Pete" (1947 -     ), Wisconsin
Wispride Farms, First Robotic Milking Dairy in the U.S.

KNIGHT, Arnold J. (1938-2014), Wisconsin
Guernsey Breeder & Fieldman, Component Milk Marketing Leader.

KNIGHT, Robert L. (1883-1962), Rhode Island
Ayrshire Breeder; Founded Lippitt Farm.

KNOTT, Dr. Joseph C. (1893-1975), Washington
Leader and Spokesman for Dairy Industry.

KNUDSEN, Thorkeld "Tom" (1890-1965), California/Denmark
Developed "half-n-half"; Paper containers for dairy products.

KNUTSON, Elis (1919-1983), Wisconsin
Holstein breeder, showman, judge.

KOCH, Robert (1843-1910), Germany
Developed Tubercular Test.

KOSIKOWSKI, Frank V. (1916-1995), New York
Renowned Dairy & Food Science Teacher & Researcher at Cornell.

KRUEGER, Frederick Faust "Ted" (1922-1985), Illinois
Chief bull buyer, Curtiss Breeding Service.

KRUSE, Marvin L. (1919-2000), Wisconsin
Three decades of leadership with Brown Swiss Association

KUEHL, Ray R. (1934 -     ), Wisconsin
Holstein Breeder, Classifier and WDE Show Chairman

LADD, William (1855-1931), Oregon
Jersey Breeder; Hazel Fern Jerseys.

LAGE, Robert (1918-1991), Iowa
Operated Stede Well Guernsey Farm, 1946-1971.
Helped establish protein payments to dairymen.

LARRABEE, Frederic J. (1873-1959), Iowa
Brown Swiss Breeder; Civic and Political Leader.

LARSON, Christian (1874-1948), South Dakota
Professor of Dairying- South Dakota State University

LARSON, Louis "Red" (1924-2020), Florida
Dairy producer, industry advocator and promoter

LATZER, Louis (1848-1924), Illinois
Developer and president, Pet Milk Company.

LAWRITSON, Martin N. (1894-1956), Nebraska
Extension Dairyman-University of Nebraska

LEGATES, James Edward (1922-1998), North Carolina
Gifted teacher, researcher, scientist; Professor and Dean, NC State

LEWIS, James (1918-1994), Ohio
Outstanding Holstein breeder & judge

LILLY, A.A. (1862-1937), Minnesota
Brown Swiss Breeder; Founded Lilly Swiss Farm.

LINDSAY, Lowell (1945 -     ), Ontario, Canada
International Renowned Dairy Cattle Judge & A.I. Sire Analyst

LINN, James W.
(1891-1957), Kansas
Extension Dairyman-Kansas State University

LONGO, Louis (1922 -     ), Connecticut
Distinguished dairy producer, milk marketing pioneer, inventor, author.

LOUDEN, William (1841-1931), Iowa
Barn equipment manufacturer.

LOWDEN, Frank O. (1861-1942), Illinois
Holstein Breeder; HFAA President, 1921-1930.

LYON, Norma "Duffy" (1929-2011), Iowa
Innovative dairy promoter, butter sculptor, Jersey breeder

MaCaulay T.B. (1861-1942), Canada
Holstein Breeder. Developed the Mount Victoria Herd.

MACK, J. E. "Gene" (1877-1952), Wisconsin
Pioneered Purebred Holstein Auctioneering.

MAJESKIE J. Lee (1941-2008) Maryland
Judging Coach, Educator, Program Innovator at the University of Maryland

MARSH, Wilber W. (1863-1929), Iowa
Guernsey Breeder; Agricultural Leader.

MARTIN, Andrew (1863-1932), Wisconsin
Brown Swiss Breeder; Bred Jane of Vernon's sire.

MAY, Leland D. (1860-1922), Pennsylvania
"Father" of the Milking Shorthorn Breed in U.S.

MC ARTHUR, James N. (1892-1972), Florida
Brought modern dairy farming practices and dairy processing technology to Florida.

McCAGUE, John Joseph E. (1899-1959), Canada
Holstein Breeder; Developed Glenafton Farms.

McCARRY, Miles R. "Mac" (1917-2006), Florida
Respected industry author; Effective marketing/promotion leader.

McCLELLAN, W.T. (1891-1968), Arizona
Guernsey Breeder; Founded Shamrock Dairy.

McCullough, Marshall (1924-1996), Georgia
Highly respected writer, nutrition consultant.

McDONALD, James M. (1881-1957), New York
Guernsey Breeder; Founded McDonald Farm.

McGILLIARD, P.C. (1891-1960), Oklahoma
Professor of Dairying-Oklahoma State University

McGUIRE, A.J. (1874-1933), Minnesota
Organized Cooperative Creameries.

McGUIRK, Sheila M. (1952-    ), Wisconsin
Dairy Veterinarian & Industry Leader and UW Vet School Instructor

McKAY, George L. (1858-1928), Iowa
Professor of Dairying -Iowa State University

McKERROW, Gavin Walter (1893-1978), Wisconsin
Founded Golden Guernsey Dairy Cooperative.

McKERROW, William (1883-1922), Wisconsin
Guernsey Breeder and Sheep Breeder.

MEADOWS, Elmer (1902-1983), Oregon
Guernsey Field Representative; County Agent and Extension Specialist.

MEGARGEE, S. Edwin (1882-1958), New York
Artist; Painted True-Type Holsteins.

MEIER, Earl S. (1924-1984), Oregon
Brown Swiss Breeder; advocate of component pricing.

MENDEL, Gregor J. (1822-1884), Austria
Developed Laws of Heredity.

MILLER, Gerrit S. (1845-1937), New York
Early Holstein importer; Pioneer Holstein breeder.

MISNER, Paul B. (1895-1965), Maryland
Holstein Breeder; Dunloggin Farm Manager.

MIX, Lewellyn (1921-2016), New York
Nutritionist, Researcher, Author

MIX, Maurice (1924-2011), Vermont
International cattle & embryo marketer, Leader of Holstein Type Classification

MONKE, Donald R. (1953-    ), Ohio
Animal Health Leader & Veterinarian at Select Sires

MOORE, Joseph S. (1874-1960), Mississippi
Professor of Dairying-Mississippi State University.

MOORE, Larry F. (1907–1985), Wisconsin
Red & White Breeder, Mink Breeder, and founding member of RWDCA

MOORE, Percy H. "Pete" (1883-1959), Canada
Holstein Breeder; Manager of Colony Farm.

MORRILL, Justin (1810-1898), Vermont
Authored "Morrill Act" Creating Land-Grant Colleges.

MORRISON, Frank B. (1887-1958), New York
Cornell Professor; Authored "Feeds and Feeding."

MORTENSEN, Martin (1872-1953), Iowa
Professor of Dairy Manufacturing-Iowa State University.

MOSCRIP, W.S. (1878-1959), Minnesota
Holstein Breeder; HFAA President, 1942-47.

MOSER, John A. (1900-1984), Kentucky
Milk Marketing Executive; Helped found Dairymen Inc.

MUNN, Marcus D. (1858-1946), Minnesota
Jersey Breeder; Dairy Council.

NAFFZIGER, William E. (1887-1958), Illinois
Brown Swiss Breeder; Bred Incomparable "Ivetta."

NAIRN, Cuthbert, Sr. (1888-1970), Pennsylvania
Ayrshire Breeder; Sycamore Farms and Blackwood Farm.

NELSON, Marlowe (1928-2014), Wisconsin
A.I. Industry Leader, Started Japanese Trainee Program.

NEWLIN, George M. (1893-1971), Pennsylvania
Guernsey enthusiast; Developed first Bang's Free herd in Wisconsin.

NEWTON, Gordon (1917-1990), South Carolina
A founding father of dairying in the Southeast; developed Gor-Lib Farm.

NICHOL, William (1930 -     ), Pennsylvania
Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Holstein Association. Cattle Exporter

NICHOLS, M.B. "Nick" (1909-1994), Illinois
Cattle exporter and sale manager. Helped form All-West Breeders.
Helped build dairy industry in Equador.

NIEDERMEIER, Robert (1918-1989), Wisconsin
Teacher, researcher and administrator-University of Wisconsin.

NISBET, Jack C. (1901-1965), Ohio
Executive Secretary AJCC; Organized Wisconsin Dairy Records Program

NORTON, Charles (1912-2003), Kansas
Superb teacher, administrator, and spokesperson; Extension specialist

NOYES, Holton V. (1871-1953), New York
HFAA Treasurer and National Director.

NUTTER, Fred (1893-1980), Maine
Helped form DHIA in Maine; HFAA President.

OLSEN, H.P. (1869-1949), Wisconsin
Dairy trade journal publisher.

OLSON, Clarence C. (1923 -     ), Wisconsin
DHIA Extension Educator at University of Wisconsin - Madison

OLSON, Norman F. (1931 - 2020), Wisconsin
UW-Madison Food Scientist, And Leader in Developing the Cheese Industry

OPPERMAN, George W. (1922-2015), Wisconsin
Browns Swiss breeder & Executive Secretary of the Brown Swiss Assoc.

OVITZ, John W. (1884-1957), Illinois
Brown Swiss Breeder; Association President, 1940-46; Physician.

PASTEUR, Louis (1822-1895), France
Father of Bacteriology; Pasteurization.

PEEBLY, Robert L. (1865-1960), Oklahoma
Jersey Breeder; AJCC Director.

PELLISSIER, Frank (1898-1969), California
Holstein Breeder; Agricultural Leader.

PETERSON, Victor L. (1905-1972), Michigan
Vo-Ag Instructor; Jersey Cattle Club Fieldman.

PFEIFFER, Russell (1916-1985), Washington
Manager-Carnation Milk Farms; HFAA President.

PICKETT, Anne Nickerson (1804-1884), Wisconsin
Founded first dairy cooperative in Wisconsin -1841.

PIRIE, James W. (1912-1988), Texas
A.I. Pioneer; helped form NAAB.

PLUMB, Charles S. (1860-1939), Ohio
Respected Teacher at Purdue & Ohio State Universities.

PLUMMER, Oakes M. "O.M." (1869-1945), Oregon
Founded Pacific International Livestock Exposition.

POLINDER, Henry F. (1918 - 1998), Washington
Prominent Holstein breeder and cooperative leader in the northwest U.S.

PORTER, Arthur R. (1902-1981), Iowa
Dairy Science Professor, Iowa State; Classifier; Judge.

POWELL, Rex (1942 -     ) Maryland
Expanded the use of International Genetic Evaluations working at AIPL

POYNTON, John G. (1890-1954), Wisconsin
Dairy Advertising -Hoard's Dairyman.

PRENTICE, J. Rockefeller (1902-1972), Illinois
Organized forerunner to American Breeders Service.

PRICE, Robert B. (1893-1967), Texas
Pioneer Southwest Dairyman; Civic Leader.

PROCTOR, William R. (1863-1930), New York
Jersey Breeder; AJCC Director.

RABILD, Helmer (1876-1948), Pennsylvania
Organized First DHIA in U.S. (Michigan).

REAVES, Paul M. (1902-1992), Virginia
Highly respected teacher; "Mr. Dairying" in Southeast U.S.

REGAN, William M. (1884-1962), California
Professor of Dairying-University of California.

REMSBERG, John H. (Jack), Jr. (1926 -     ), Maryland
Outstanding Dairy Cattle Photographer

REMSBERG, John Homer (1897-1976), Maryland
Dairyman and President of HFA, PDCA.

REMSBERG, A. Doty (1923-1984), Maryland
Sales Manager; Holstein breeder.

REYMANN, Paul O. (1867-1940), West Virginia
Ayrshire Breeder; Association President, 1921-1923.

RICE, Victor A. (1890-1964), Massachusetts
Authority on breeding better livestock; wrote two books.

ROADHOUSE, Chester (1881-1969), California
Research in milk flavors resulted in stainless steel milk tanks.

ROBERTS, Percival, Jr. (1857-1943), Pennsylvania
Ayrshire Breeder; Founded Penshurst Farm.

ROBINSON, Palma L. (1921-1981), Tennessee
Milk Marketing Giant.

ROGERS, Lore A. (1875-1975), Maine
Produced pure cultures for manufacturing Swiss and Cheddar cheeses.

ROTH, Harry (1931 -     ), Pennslyvania
Pioneering Vision in A.I. Industry

ROWE, Robert (1945 -     ), Wisconsin
Leader in Embryo Transfer Research & Reproductive Technology

RUPEL, I.W. (1900-1971), Texas
Teacher, Researcher, Head-Dairy Dept., Texas A & M.

RUSSELL, Harry L. (1866-1954), Wisconsin
Agricultural Bacteriologist and Dean of University of Wisconsin

SAGENDORPH, Arthur H. (1879-1946), Massachusetts
Owner-operator Alta Crest Farm-Ayrshires.

SALISBURY, Glenn Wade (1910-1994), Illinois
Educator & scientist. Pioneered A.I. techniques and procedures in dairy cattle reproduction.

SALISBURY, Schuyler M. (1889-1954), Ohio
Professor of Dairy Husbandry-Ohio State University

SATTER, Larry (1937-2006), Wisconsin
Dairy Nutrition Research Professional and Administrator

SCHAEFER, Bill (1908-1984), Pennsylvania
Pioneered sire evaluation and reliability standards.
Helped form NAAB.

SCHALM, Oscar W. (1909-1982), California
Preeminent authority on Bovine Mastitis.

SCHINGOETHE, David (1942 -     ), South Dakota
Educator & Researcher at South Dakota State University

SCHNERING, Dorothy (1893-1973), Illinois
President of Curtiss Breeding Service.

SCHNERING, Otto Y. (1881-1953), Illinois
Founded Curtiss Candy Farms and Curtiss Breeders.

SCHMIDT, Harold J. (1917-2012), California
Veterinarian, Researcher and Cattle Breeder

SCHULTZ, Earl N. (1904-1976), Iowa
Designed Programs for Guernsey Breed.

SCHULTZ, L.H. "Bud" (1919-2012), Wisconsin
60 years of helping solve practical problems of the dairy industry

SCOVILLE, Robert (1876-1934), Connecticut
Guernsey Breeder; Agricultural Leader.

SEIPT, Donald V. (1928 -     ), Pennsylvania
Holstein Assoc. President & developer of Keystone Holsteins.

SHERRY, Orbec (1896-1988), Wisconsin
Brown Swiss Breeder and Exporter.

SHIELDS, Peter J. (1869-1962), California
Jersey Breeder; Agricultural Leader.

SHOOK, George E. (1941 -     ), Wisconsin
UW-Madison Genetic Researcher and Educator

SIBLEY, Rufus Adam (1841-1928), Texas
Jersey breeder and philanthropist.

SIMONS, D.T, (1882-1955), Texas
Jersey Field Representative.

SLY, K.C. (1900-1986), New York
Manager-McDonald Farms; developed one of the great Guernsey herds.

SMITH, John L. (1858-1930), Washington
Holstein Breeder; Founded Hazelwood Holsteins.

SNIDER, Obie (1926-2003), Pennsylvania
Holstein Breeder and Founder of All American Dairy Show; national model for public service; Developed Singing Brook Farm

SOLBERG, Donald P. (1930 -     ), Wisconsin
42 years of dedication to improving dairy cattle in 50 states and 25 countries

SOWERBY, Merton (1919-2014) Michigan
Longtime Guernsey Classifier, Herd Manager at several leading herds

SPAHR, Sidney (1935-1998), Illinois
Accomplished researcher, dedicated educator; Godfather of electronic ID; University of IL

SPECHT, Lawrence (1928 -     ), Pennsylvania
Extension dairy records and genetics educator at Penn State University

STRANDLUND, Gerald "Jerry" (1938 -     ), Washington,
Dairy Journalist, Photographer & Merchandiser

STEWART, Paul P. (1877-1948), Iowa
Influential and Popular Holstein Breeder.

STRAUS, Nathan (1848-1931), New York
Initiated compulsory pasteurization of milk.

STROH, Charles (1910-1992), Connecticut
Conservationist. Legal counsel for Holstein Association. Managed Eastern States Exposition.

STUART, E. A. (1856-1944), California
Founded Carnation Farms; Carnation Company.

SWARTZ, Harvey W. (1906-1992), Wisconsin
Showman, judge, sale manager and auctioneer.

TANDE, Larry A., (1939 -     ), Minnesota
Minnesota Dairy Extension Leader, Holstein Breeder and Dairy Cattle Judge.

TAYLOR, H. C., (1853-1940), Wisconsin
Early President, Wisconsin Dairyman's Association, Jersey Breeder.

TAYLOR, Joe S. (1914-1974), Pennsylvania
Extension Dairyman, Penn State University

TELFER, Arthur (1901-1979), California
Guernsey promoter; founded National Golden Guernsey Program.

THATCHER, Harvey D. (1835-1925), New York
Invented glass milk bottle.

THOMSON, A.C. "Whitie" (1908-1985), Illinois
Dairy Promoter, Judge, Auctioneer.

TODD, Alex (1877-1952), Washington
Holstein Breeder; Cascade Holsteins.

TROUT, Malcomb G. (1896-1990), Michigan
Founder of homogenized milk.

TRYON, Alfred H. (1878-1940), New York
Manager, Strathglass Ayrshires; Promoted Dairy Shows.

TUFTS, Leonard (1870-1945), North Carolina
Ayrshire Breeder; Founded Pinehurst Farm.

TURK, Kenneth L. (1908-1990), New York
Head of Animal Husbandry Department, Cornell University.

VALENTINE, John R. (1868-1921), Pennsylvania
Ayrshire Breeder; Advocate of production testing.

VAN NORMAN, Hubert E. (1872-1938), Indiana
Professor of Dairying-Purdue University.

VAN VLECK, L. Dale (1933 -     ), Nebraska
Dairy Genetics Research

VAN SOEST, Peter J. (1929 -     ), New York
Cornell Professor, Research Leader on Forage Analysis.

VOEGELI, Jacob (1863-1926), Wisconsin
Pioneer Brown Swiss Breeder; Founded Voegeli Farm.

VOEGELI, Jacob (1892-1978), Wisconsin
Brown Swiss Breeder; Charter Member, Wisconsin Brown Swiss Assn.

VOELKER, Donald E. (1921-2014), Iowa
Pillar of Iowa and National DHIA Services

WALLIN, Kenneth (1912-1998), Wisconsin
Managed Midwest Breeders Co-op & Co-op leader

WARING, George E. (1833-1898), Rhode Island
First Secretary of Jersey Breed Association.

WATSON, James G. (1886-1956), Massachusetts
Agricultural Editor; New England Homestead.

WAYNE, Ralph W. (1907-1995), Minnesota
Extension dairy specialist, 1945-1972. Directed Minnesota DHI program.
Wrote Minnesota Holstein history.

WEEKS, William (1917-1994), Vermont
Leading Holstein breeder & classifier. He developed the aAa analysis system

WERNER, George M. (1898-1967), Wisconsin
Extension Dairyman-University of Wisconsin

WILLIAMS, Jesse (1798-1865), New York
Pioneered factory system of cheese making.

WILSON, Leslie V. (1893-1977), Minnesota
Manager of Boulder Bridge Farm.

WING, Hiram H. (1859-1936), New York
Professor of Dairying-Cornell University.

WIRT, Russell (1931 -     ), Minnesota
Dairy Industry leader, Guernsey & Holstein Breeder.

WOELFFER, Elmer A. (1897-1995), Wisconsin
Veterinarian specializing in fertility.

YOUNG, Owen D. (1874-1962), New York
Holstein Breeder; HFAA President 1948-1949.

YOUNGQUIST, Iver (1894-1977), Washington
Holstein breeder; promoter; Helped start All-West Breeders.