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Importance of Dairy

The Dairy Industry has a tremendous positive effect on the nation's health and economy. This can be through the production of whole milk by dairymen who humanely treat their cows and give them all the necessities of life or to the environmentally conscious way that modern dairy facilities are designed and operated. The final health positive is in the development of wholesome and nutritious products from nature's most perfect food, "Milk." This section will have timely information on the advantages and benefits of a healthy dairy industry.

Dairy’s environmental impact then and now
Compared to 1944, we’re using just a fraction of the cows, feed, water, and land to produce 60 percent more milk. Our carbon footprint per gallon of milk is one-third as great.
by Jude L. Capper, Roger A. Cady, and Dale E. Bauman

PICTURE, if you will, a 1940’s farm . . . a small group of cows contentedly grazing, occasionally swishing their tails, their hides gleaming in the sunshine. In the background is a traditional gable-roofed red barn, chickens scratching in the dirt, and a team of horses plowing a field.
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Website helps tell the story of the dairy industry
A new website helps tell the story of the dairy industry to consumers and other non dairy professionals. This site represents the interests of more than 51,000 U.S. dairy producers along with dairy food companies that represent more than 130,000 employees nationwide and hundreds of thousands of dairy industry professionals who support a $100 billion U.S. dairy industry that provides jobs to local communities and the country. This site explains the U.S. dairy industry's important role in a safe, sustainable, affordable and abundant food supply.
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