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Donations to National Dairy Shrine

The National Dairy Shrine is a 501-C3 non-profit corporation that preserves dairy history in a museum, honors dairy leaders in a Dairy Hall of Fame, encourages future dairy leaders with annual scholarships and promotes the positive attributes of the dairy industry. As a non-profit corporation many of your donations are tax deductible. Please check with your accountant on the specifics of your donation.

If you like to donate for a specific reason like;

1. To Honor a special event, anniversary or person

2. To memorialize a deceased friend, mentor or relative

3. To support the NDS Museum updates and renovations

4. To add to the general scholarship fund or for a specific scholarship fund

5. To support the award recipients at the annual recognition banquet

Just send a check made out to National Dairy Shrine to PO Box 725, Denmark, WI 54208 or go the shopping cart area of our website to make a credit card donation.

If you would like to add National Dairy Shrine to your will or the sale of proceeds from any assets of your estate please contact the Executive Director at the main office by phone (920-863-6333) or e-mail at info@dairyshrine.org

If you have valuable historic dairy artifacts that you would like to donate to the National Dairy Shrine Museum please send high quality color photos of the artifact. a description about the item and your complete contact information to the main office of National Dairy Shrine via e-mail at info@dairyshrine.org or via mail at PO Box 725, Denmark, WI 54208.

The National Dairy Shrine is entirely dependent on donations and the sale of memberships to accomplish all of the positive things they provide for dairy leaders, students and the preservation of the dairy industry history. Please try to be generous any time you can to help the National Dairy Shrine in continuing to meet its goals and mission.

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