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Assit. Herdmans Internship


Rock River Jerseys
2301 240th St.
Doon, IA 51235


Malorie Kirkley
Phone: 229-412-5428

Internship Details:

Title: Assit. Herdmans Internship
No. Available: 2-3
Duration: 10 weeks (flexible)
Application Due Date: December 2, 2015
Housing Provided: Will Assist


Work up to 60 hours per week. Use DairyComp305 for records entry & daily work lists. Communicate in Spanish with employees -Follow SOP's and protocols to effectively treat and monitor cows. Openly communicate with dairy management team.


Pursuant of a Bachelor's Degree in dairy science, animal science or related major with emphasis in dairy production. Eager, self-motivated individual with interest in managing a large scale dairy. Available to work full time for a minimum of 10 weeks, or longer as agreed upon between parties.

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