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DHI Laboratory Intern


Central Star
N11463 State Road 26
Waupun, WI 53963


Dori Lichty
Phone: 800-288-7473

Internship Details:

Title: DHI Laboratory Intern
No. Available: 2
Duration: 1 year
Application Due Date: October 31
Housing Provided: No


As a Laboratory Intern, you become part of a dynamic team that analyzes samples and reports component and diagnostic results from dairy and beef producers throughout the state of Wisconsin.  Samples are received from Dairy Herd Information (DHI) producers and veterinarians and provide a wealth of information about animal health, production and physiologic status.  This internship provides an opportunity to experience a variety of sample-analysis platforms and sample-processing methodology.  Whether using infrared spectroscopy, ELISA PCR or other means, you'll discover data is king, and that this laboratory is the source of a lot of valuable information for producers.
Training and experience will be provided on:

- Numerous common laboratory procedures and equipment
- Use of high-throughput infrared spectrophotometers
- Diagnostic analysis via Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay ( ELISA) and polymerase
       Chain Reaction (PCR)
- Data management and laboratory software; and
- Quality assurance practices and standard operating procedures


Ideal candidates for this internship should haver a strong interest in agriculture as well as:

- Outstanding attention to detail;
- Motivation to follow through;
- Excellent communications skills;
- Strong work ethic and the ability to function as part of a cohesive team;
- Knowledge of common laboratory practices is preferred, but not mandatory; and
- Dairy awareness or experience is a bonus.

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