How Dairy Shrine Helps

The Dairy Shrine offers more than $40,000 annually in scholarships to college students. We also recognize dairy leaders and preserve dairy’s history in the Dairy Shrine museum.


What is Dairy Shrine?

Dairy Shrine brings together dairy producers, scientists, students, educators, technical consultants, marketers and others who share a desire to preserve our dairy heritage and keep the dairy industry strong.

Giving Back

Tomorrow’s dairy leaders are here today, in classrooms, dairy youth organizations, at dairy competitions and on dairy farms across the country. Our task is to encourage, stimulate and inspire.

Visit the National Dairy Shrine Museum

Discover the rich heritage of the dairy industry at the National Dairy Shrine Museum. Where else can you learn the history of ice cream, see a dog-powered butter churn and check out photos of champion cows dating back nine decades? You’ll leave with a better understanding of why, for nearly 8,000 years, people have depended on the dairy cow for life-sustaining milk and a better quality of life.

Inspire the Future. Honor the Past. Preserve our History.

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